Advertising Agencies in India-set for an unprecedented growth

ImageAdvertising is a big and booming business in India. With globalization adding wings to its rise. Indian advertising talent got recognized by multinational events and agencies soon after liberalization. Most of the advertising agencies are divided into small, medium and large agencies. The full service ad agency has the talent and ability to produce exceptional creatives and advice clients on a full range of media and marketing strategies as well.  The Indian outlets of MNCs are enjoying the first mover advantage and have focused on consolidating their footprints through consistent work quality. The reason why big FMCG companies, PSUs, Financial sector and corporate giants have entrusted their  brand image advertising to these agencies. Advertising is one of the few businesses in India that has weathered the storm of economic slowdown really well. Although the industry is expected to maintain its growth momentum, the    future of some segments like digital advertising are brighter. Among the best growth areas in advertising are advertising on mobile devices-that is equivalent to catching target consumers on the go and bring the brand message to him 24×7. The other side of the coin depicts a daunting reality in front  of advertisers. Consumer mindshare is scattered beyond traditional media and younger consumers now demand more control of what they want to watch.

In response, alert advertisers target consumers based on things and trends they are passionate about or show a deep inclination for.

For advertising agencies in India there never was a better era and phenomenon to do targeted marketing based on consumers’ tastes, interests, locations, special needs and passions.


Flags Communications Pvt. Ltd. A-283, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-I,
New Delhi -110 020
Tel+ 91.11.4575 7575,
Fax +91.11.4575 7511


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