Advertising Agency Services- Print media leads Marketing Communication

Advertising Agency Services

Advertising Agency Services

At Flags we ensure perfection in great print design. As part of our holistic advertising agency services, Print is an integral part of the communication mix    with two specific goals- to communicate and promote. With adequate mastery of craft that accommodates typography, layout, photography and persuasive copywriting technique. Print is a vast and holds immense field for experimentation and innovation. Campaigns at the national level, brochures, posters, leaflets, POP materials, newsletters, corporate profiles, direct mailers, visual merchandising, packaging, posters- the repertoire is exceeding our expectations and pleasing our clients by giving them the much needed corporate mileage and Return on Investment. We offer every solution to the client, be it the necessity to boost customer traffic or retain a high recall value.  Through   adequate representation, media management, graphic expression and imagery we attract attention and make an impression in the target group’s psyche that will lead to a stronger positioning.

In Print media communication, the rule everyone judges a book by its cover holds true. Every marketing collateral, choice of words in copy and graphics is to be selected with much attention to send across the targeted message. We believe that first class graphic design and quality is instrumental in transforming the face of any organization. The advertising agency services the best creative tactics to convey your messages and achieve the campaign’s objectives for you. From advertising concepts that may include “below the line” advertising options, a simple product or service is catapulted to new echelons of success.


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