Advertising Agencies in India switch to New Media

LogodarkAdvertising in India is growing at a rapid pace due to its population and increased standard of living. Indian Advertising Industry presently is estimated to be around 13,200cr. With the advancement in technology and media tools it has become easy to reach a vast audience within a limited time. With the increase in competition many brands are hiring specialized agencies to create a specific brand identity in the market.

Traditional Media is currently the most important form of advertising platforms. With its wide reach it becomes easy for advertisers to reach their target audience quickly. But now traditional media is somehow losing the edge. An average person is exposed to almost 247 images a day. Therefore, too much exposure makes it difficult for advertisers to send across their message to audiences. That is why many advertising agencies in India are adapting to the new form of media- digital media. With its easy accessibility and cost effectiveness, it becomes easy for advertisers and agencies to reach their target audiences. With the increasing popularity of Social Media, agencies have found a new way of marketing.

It doesn’t matter whether its traditional media or digital media, Flags communications has quickly adapted to the trends of the industry. Flags offers complete in-house services including interactive development, social media marketing, digital media marketing, corporate movies, website design and development, database architecture, etc. Flags have always considered the needs and demands of their clients and used the best possible media.

Flags Communications Pvt. Ltd. A-283, Okhla Industrial Area Phase-I,
New Delhi India -110 020
Tel+ 91.11.4575 7575,
Fax +91.11.4575 7511


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