The Changing Role of Public Relations Agencies in Delhi

58d0f8bcccc07e6284ea11a2e5df95d3The transforming landscape of media is changing the role of public relation agencies in Delhi or on pan India level. Today, each and every brand requires 360 degree integrated communication in order to promote itself and to increase the brand association. Considering, the fast changing scenario of communications and marketing one must decide upon the objectives of the PR agency in Delhi or across India.

However, in order to decide the objectives we must understand the factors or trends that are influencing the PR industry as of today. Factors that affect the public relation agencies in Delhi are content marketing, brand journalism, digital media, crisis management and managing visual friendly PR and news beat round the clock.

Public relation agencies in Delhi are not just there to successfully execute the campaigns but they also need to device strategies for their clients in order to excel. It is also important that the companies or the clients should also know how to measure the work performed by them.

Now that we have understood the factors affecting we need to share questions with the PR company you are considering. What will be the media strategy? Media channels to be selected? What will be the level of engagement of the strategy? Challenges faced?


The above mentioned questions enable us to understand which agency will be suitable, according to our needs and requirements that is, whether the agency should be a big or small? The size of the agency doesn’t matter, what matters, is the understanding they have about your industry and the network and the relation they have with various journalists and digital media influencers.

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