Advertising and PR The Two Pillars of Trade

Advertisement has been a long used medium to bring businesses into recognition. Its roots can be found with early civilizations such as the Egyptians where papyrus was used to make sales messages and wall posters. Similarly commercial advertisements and political campaign displays have been found in the ruins of Pompeii and Arabia, which is why it’s safe to say that advertisement has indeed been the longest running medium of displaying products and services for the general public to consume.

It is quite interesting to see how advertisement has evolved over the centuries. What started off with mere papyrus has now infiltrated all the known mediums of mass communication. Television, Radio, Internet, Smartphone and direct mails; the world of advertising has never had these many platforms and to comply with the needs of the current times you have Flags Communications. Flags Communications is a 360-degree, Mar-com agency and is known as one of the best advertising agencies and PR agencies in India.

The world of advertising and PR demands a lot from advertising agencies and with growing competition and emerging markets that were dormant for the past decade, it is imperative that new ideas and strategies be drawn up regularly to compete with new additions. When it comes to Flags, that concept is put into action with every new project, with every new clientele and with every new situation. Creativity is something that can be held responsible for all the innovations in today’s world. Nations are coming together via means of creative outputs from brilliant individuals and here at Flags creativity is highly respected which is why it is considered as one of the best advertising agencies in Delhi.

Role of Advertising Agencies in Business Marketing and Brand Advertising

ImageAdvertising agencies today provide integrated services including marketing, brand management, design and print, exhibition and events, sales promotion and collateral services to their business clients. Flags Communications is one of the top advertising agencies of Delhi that works as a full-fledged advertising services provider and has also carved a niche as one of the leading marketing agencies of Delhi. Advertising agencies that offer specialized services to a specific industry have the knowledge and expertise to create communication that’s tailor-made and promotes business interests effectively. Non-advertising services such as market planning, sales promotion, direct marketing, packaging and publicity also aid in promoting business bottom lines. Before a business plans to launch a new product or service, it approaches the advertising agency to conduct research in the target customer group and gain knowledge of its tastes   and transfer the prescience of the ad campaign to be developed to the creative team. Planning for the best media solution- television, radio, Internet, social media, outdoor, collateral is planned for tailor-made communication and optimizing reach.


Post the designing of the complete brand campaign, the advertising agency follow ups the advertising running across all media. Big brands eye big business and advertising agencies put in all effort to give them a competitive edge in the market. In today’s scenario, clients are keen on getting good value for money and choose advertising agencies wisely. Fundamentally speaking, an advertising agency’s creative brief, positioning, integrated marketing communications, media planning and public relations should be in line with the promotional strategies of the business.

Full Service Ad Agencies in high demand

Advertising AgenciesFull Service Ad Agencies have been in high demand among the advertisers. More and more advertisers are eager to hire professional full service ad agencies that can provide them with different kinds of marketing solutions under one roof. A full service ad agency is one which is dedicated to creating, planning, and handling communication strategy for its clients.  Their services include all forms of marketing solutions like advertising, brand management, event management, media planning, public relations, website and digital solutions, designing and printing, business convergence and much more.

Competing in the market, Brands want to boost their visibility through every possible marketing tool to reach the public. Therefore hiring one specific agency which can provide different solutions together help companies with the communication.  Full Service Agencies work right from creating the marketing strategy, going through creative designing, promotions, printing and media management to feedback.

Advertising companies

Flags Communications, one of the renowned full service ad agencies in India provides all forms of marketing and communication solutions to its clients.  With a large number of clients from almost every sector they provide the possible solutions as per the needs and requirements of the clients. Their focused approach and dedication to each job makes them the preferred choice.

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